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Commercial Non-U.S.-Citizen Financing

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Foreign national loans

What is non-U.S.-citizen financing?

These types of commercial loans are for companies that are owned by non-U.S. citizens such as permanent residents with a green card, non-permanent residents with a valid work visa, or foreign nationals whose primary residence is not in the United States.

Sample commercial loan programs for non-U.S. citizens

Many lenders are willing to consider extending purchase loans or refinancing to foreign companies, but with some restrictions. For example, while U.S. companies typically can receive up to 80% loan-to-value (LTV), foreign companies may be limited to, for example, 65% LTV for purchase loans and 60% LTV for refinancing.

Lenders are also open to extending investment loans to non-U.S.-citizen companies, but, again there are restrictions. For example, some lenders provide foreign companies access to their single rental or portfolio rental loan programs, but LTV may be limited to 65% and three additional months of reserves may be required.

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Commercial loans for foreign nationals

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