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With South Florida condominium sales on the decline, developers of luxury condos are offering incentives to buyers, and we can help provide you with non-warrantable condo financing.

Here is a sample of some of the deals:

  • Reach and Rise at Brickell City Centre (150 of 800 units are available) are offering a 10% cash rebate and two years of zero maintenance fees. For a typical $1 million unit, that can amount to $130,000 back over two years ($100,000 cash rebate plus $15,000 per year in condo fees).
  • W Residences Fort Lauderdale (64 of 171 units are available) is offering a three-year leaseback and three years of zero maintenance fees. For a typical $1 million two-bedroom unit, that can amount to $264,000 back over three years. (Specifically, the W Residences will pay the buyer 7% per year for three years. For a $1 million two-bedroom unit, that equates to $70,000 per year or $210,000 over three years. Plus, the condo fees average $18,000 a year on the same two-bedroom unit, or $54,000 for three years).

Click here for more information on the specific incentives being offered by these South Florida condo developers.

Do you need non-warrantable condo financing?

To the extent these condos are non-warrantable condos (i.e., not approved by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FHA or the VA), you will need special non-warrantable condo financing. Click here to learn how we can help with that.

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