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Your new destination for all your commercial and residential loan needs

It’s the start of the new year, and we are excited to launch our new website. Not only does it look different aesthetically, but we’ve also included three new key features.

Offering both commercial and residential loans

First, we’ve emphasized that we offer both commercial and residential loan products. David A. Krebs has 15 years of experience underwriting and originating commercial loans for companies, as well as residential loans for families and individuals. For details on our commercial loan programs, please click here. For our residential loan programs, please click here.

Helping companies and individuals turned down by banks

Second, we’ve included two new sections highlighting how we specialize in turn-downs. Specifically, we help businesses and individuals – whose loan applications were previously denied or “turned down” by other banks or lenders – get approved by alternative lenders. For our new page regarding commercial loan turn-downs, please click here. For our new page about residential loan turn-downs, please click here.

Showcasing our success stories

Third, we’ve added a new page highlighting some of the commercial and residential loans we obtained for our clients. Our portfolio is diverse, ranging from helping a startup company obtain a loan and line of credit to build its gym and fitness center, to helping a Venezuelan foreign national obtain a loan to purchase a non-warrantable condominium in Florida. To read more, please click here.

We hope you enjoy using our new website, and please send us any comments or questions!