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Purchase Loan for Vacant Lot of Land to Construct Dream Home

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Residential Mortgage: Loan for getting a land to construct a dream home

On behalf of a client who wanted to purchase a vacant lot of land, but whose bank was not offering such loans, we obtained a $230,000 purchase loan from another lender, enabling the client to buy the land and start making plans to construct his dream home.



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March 20, 2018


  1. Gilberto pabon

    Mi esposa y yo estamos buscando un préstamo para un terreno en Miami Florida para construir por 185 mil dólanres

  2. Miguel Padilla Nombe (obligatorio) *

    Me interesa un terreno sin casa en livington ca
    Hay préstamos disponibles

  3. Nahomi Perez

    Necesito ayuda para un préstamo de terreno


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