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Commercial Loans: Overview of Programs

David A. Krebs can help your company find the right commercial loan program to fit all your business needs. If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions on this page, we welcome the opportunity to help you.

Purchase Loans

Is your company ready to purchase its own real estate, instead of leasing it from a third party? Are you a startup company looking to purchase land or buildings to get your business going? Are you looking to expand and acquire new property?

Construction/Renovation Loans

Does your company own a vacant lot of land and need funds to start constructing new buildings from the ground up? Or, do you want to renovate, retrofit, modernize or remodel your company’s space to make it “just right” for your business?

Did Your Bank Decline Your Commercial Loan Application?

We can help.  We specialize in getting companies approved by alternative lenders, no matter what their situation.

Want To See Our Commercial Success Stories?

See how we’ve helped our clients obtain commercial loans in all different situations.

Investment Loans

Is it your goal to invest in commercial property such as health care, industrial, manufacturing, office, retail, or multifamily (5 units or more)? If you are a real estate investor, developer, or fix-and-flipper looking to own multiple properties, do you need a blanket mortgage to cover all your investment properties?


Are you interested in replacing your current commercial loan with a new loan requiring lower interest payments? Or has your business increased in value such that you would like to do a cash-out refinancing to withdraw that value in the form of cash?

Lines Of Credit

Instead of taking out a fixed loan, would you like to obtain a line of credit to allow your business to borrow on an as-needed basis? For example, are you a homebuilder or real estate developer looking for a builder line of credit? Or are you a small business or start-up company looking for capital to manage cash flow and fund day-to-day operations?

Non-U.S.-Citizen Financing

Are you a foreign borrower looking to purchase or otherwise invest in commercial property in the United States?

Debtor-In-Possession Financing

If your company is distressed and has filed for bankruptcy, do you need special financing to fund your operations while the bankruptcy case runs its course?

Litigation Financing

Is your company engaged in significant commercial litigation and in need of financing to manage its litigation costs?